"A way of imagining possible futures through a black cultural lens”

AiRich (pronounced as 'Eye-Rich') is an Visual Artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. After finishing her Audiovisual design & Animation studies in 2013, she discovered the beauty of photography and fine arts and decided to develop her own visual langauge. 

The characters in her work are specifically portrayed by black models from Africa and/or the Diaspora, emphasizing the importance of rediscovering and redefining the black identity.


Her portrait work has been frequently featured in several museums, such as Het Nederlands Fotomuseum, Centraal Museum and Amsterdam Museum and she has also received international recognition with her participation during Dakart Biënnale 2022 in Senegal. The artist currently has her first solo exhibition in Stedelijk Museum Schiedam presenting her 10 years overview of visual work and new series titled: Den Doro till June 2024.


AiRich is represented by Rademakers Gallery