ABOUT ME | Planet AiRich | Amsterdam

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AiRich (pronounced as "I-Rich") is a Dutch Visual Artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Her work is an enigmatic merge of Black/African Culture.

Within this realm, her art travels back and forth in time.

Pop Culture, fashion, music, icons, legends/myths, about creation stories or with spiritual aspects decorate their aesthetic within AiRich's art.

With elements of science fiction, fantasy and the power of vibrant energetic colors, she incorporates the above mentioned elements in her work by making use of photography.

AiRich is paving her way up in The Netherlands and is not stopping anytime now!

She developed her own style of photography along with futuristic styling/costumes in her art.
She is also known for participating in different panels about "Afro Futurism", preforming and directing her own "Planet AiRich Show" and several art exhibitions towards the country.

Photo credit: Elisabetta Agyeiwaa
Photo credit: Angela Tellier